UAGTrade provides a sophisticated rewards engine

We allows traders to get paid REAL-TIME CASHBACK no matter you make profit or not in trading, you gain rebate instantly direct to your MT4 account. Increase your trading profit with UAG Rebate and Cashback program.

The Benefits of UAG Rebate & Cashback Forex
The benefits of a cashback rebate are obvious, as you will significantly reduce your commission costs which might allow you to venture into strategies you ignored.

For example, if you trade a scalping strategy, the goal is to make hundreds of trades generating small increments. If you cut your commission costs, your strategy will become more profitable.
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More Secure, More Profitable

Once you start trading your cashback will automatically arrive on your account. More you trade, you get more. And don’t forget, you get paid on EVERY trade in Real Time! No matter you win or lose.

Reduced Transaction Costs

UAG rebates and cashback program can reduce the actual costs of your transactions, as they are a portion of the transaction cost that is paid back to you on each trade. This will result in a lower spread and an improved win ratio. In practical terms, if your rebate is 1.2 pips and broker spread on a certain instrument is 1.7 pips, then your net spread is only 0.5 pips.

Paid Direct to MT4 Account

Real-Time Cashback is credited directly to the client MT4 account instantly!